We will have a Boston Butt fundraiser on October 22, 2016 at the lodge.  Butts will be $35.00 a piece.  A ticket was put in your dues notice that was sent out last Thursday Sept 22 but you are not limited to only one.  You may send the ticket in with your dues and with your name on it and keep the stub and bring the stub with you at the lodge on Saturday Oct. 22.  Butts will be already cooked and ready to use as you choose.  Supply may be limited so get your order in soon.  You may also contact Brother John Wilcox at 843-607-5622  or WB Ammons at 843-486-3274 or cell 483-991-0266 for your order and more info.  This will be our only and  last fundraiser this year, so brothers ,please, we need your support for the lodge on this.

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